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30 March 2017  

Freiburg welcomes EU PASTA Partners

During the next six months, PASTA partners will put the finishing touches to the four-year PASTA project that brought active mobility closer to European cities. The City of Freiburg, host city of PASTA partner ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, welcomed during three days 30 partners to tune the final results at the final project meeting.

Between data analysis, statistics and surveys, partners had the opportunity to see firsthand why Freiburg is held up as prime example of sustainability, and how a sustainable mobility strategy has contributed to this success.

Over the past ten years, there has been a 100 percent increase in public transportation use. Freiburg expects to increase Green Transport from 18% to 36% by 2018 by promoting public transport and low-carbon facilities, encouraging bike use, enhancing transport demand management and developing intelligent transportation systems. The bicycle route network continues to develop, while additional one-way streets are being opened to bicycle traffic and new bicycle parking facilities are being created. There are around 400 km of bicycle lanes in the city with the supplementary 9,000 bicycle paths. For the future plans, the “traffic development plan 2020” includes more pedestrian interventions, bicycle traffic interventions and improvement of city public transport.

To learn more about Freiburg's mobility strategy, click here.