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24 - 29 September 2017  

11th International Conference on Transport Survey Methods in the era of big data: facing the challenges

Québec, Canada
L'Estérel Resort

Since 1979, survey experts, transport researchers, and practitioners have been coming together to improve the conduct of surveys that support transport planning, policy,modeling, monitoring, and related issues for urban, regional, intercity, and international person, vehicle, and commodity movements.

The International Steering Committee for Travel Survey Conferences (ISCTSC) organises these conferences with the aim of offering transport professionals(researchers, practitioners, modelers, planners, and others) the possibility to present their work, exchange information, network, promote international collaboration, and serve as a forum for the presentation of workshops, papers, and posters.

Rapidly evolving problems and policy contexts are compelling us to advance the stateof-the-art of survey methods, tools, strategies and protocols, while assuring the stability and coherence of the data from which trends can be tracked and understood. The Quebec conference will build on outputs from previous conferences and try to address these
emerging research issues. It will place particular emphasis on two related elements:

1. Traditional survey methods. For which kind of data do we still need travel surveys? How can we treat traditional challenges (sampling, response rate, respondent burden, data quality…) with new technologies and emerging survey techniques?

2. Big data. More and more passive big data are available in transport and mobility. How can we assess their quality, can we develop automatic processes to enrich and use them, how can we combine them with more traditional data collection?
University of Chile
24 - 28 September 2017  


Healthy places, healthy people - where are the connections?

Sydney, Australia
Law School at the University of Sydney

The overall theme of the ISEE17 conference is "Healthy places, healthy people – where are the connections?" Implicit in this theme is the recognition that there are many different places (the natural environment, the built environment, the social environment) and many different people (the young, the old, the disadvantaged and the marginalised). The 'connections' may be physical, or they may be psychological, social or political.

We want to challenge existing paradigms and entice and invite participants to ask important questions about environmental justice and the politics of social change and empowerment. Keynote speakers will be tasked with posing these questions to conference participants.

Australia sits firmly in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, ISEE17 will specifically address healthy places and healthy people connections in the Asia-Pacific region.

Apart from contributions connected to the main conference theme, ISEE17 also welcomes the increasingly rich and diverse oral and poster presentations, symposia and workshops in both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ environment health – including air and water pollution, contaminated lands, endocrine disrupters, climate change, built environment, food and water security.

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee, I look forward to sharing with you our city and our people. See you all "down under"!!
26 - 29 September 2017  

14th International Conference on Urban Health

Health Equity: The New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals

Coimbra, Portugal
São Francisco Convention Centre

ICUH 2017, the only global conference focused on advancing the health of people living in cities worldwide.

Cities are the main drivers of national development and present opportunities to transform a nation's health and wellbeing, so cities must be at the forefront of tackling the global sustainable development agenda.

Reasons to attend ICUH 2017:

- Identify challenges and strategies to informing implementation of the SDGs and The New Urban Agenda

- Meet experts from across sectors and disciplines to address the broader determinants of health

- Expand your research and practice networks with colleagues from the global North and South

- Share urban health challenges and solutions with policymakers and practitioners from high, middle and low income settings

- Contribute to the evidence base for urban health policies and practice
27 - 29 September 2017  

8th International Congress on Transportation Research

The Future of Transportation: A Vision for 2030

Thessaloniki, Greece
CERTH Congress Centre

The Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE) and the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT/CERTH) co-organize the ‘8th International Congress on Transportation Research’ (ICTR 2017), which will be held on September 27-29, 2017, at the CERTH Congress Centre in Thessaloniki, Greece. The spotlight theme of the 2017 Congress is: ‘The Future of Transportation: A Vision for 2030’.

The ICTR has been a major event in the field of transportation research for the past 15 years. Potential ICTR participants include the research and academic community, as well as the public and private sector involved in the development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of transport.

ICTR 2017 will host innovative research and development work in the field of transportation systems, operations and infrastructures, in Greece and abroad. The Congress objective is to showcase recent top-notch research activities in transportation, merge research findings and policy making tasks, facilitate the exchange of knowledge in the local and international level and draw conclusions and shape recommendations on the future of transportation.

Register here
The Hellenic Institute of Transport and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers
19 October 2017  

PASTA workshop “Active Travel for Healthy Cities” @ Autonomy

La Grande Halle de La Villette

The PASTA project together with Polis will host the workshop “Active Travel for Healthy Cities” during Autonomy’s Urban Mobility Summit in Paris. The workshop aims to present the new Health economic assessment tool (HEAT) and city case studies of the use of HEAT to inform sound transport policy and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).

The workshop aims to present the latest research-based evidence linking health benefits of increased physical activity and transport, and measures to encourage active travel and create healthier urban environments.

The Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) to conduct an economic assessment of the health benefits of walking or cycling will be presented step-by-step via the online platform, including implementation at the local level and how outcomes have informed sustainable transport planning.

New approaches and good practice examples to encourage active travel and design more liveable public space will be presented by European cities.

Event date: The Pro days: 19-20 October (B2B - B2G) - Public day: 21 October (B2C).

For more information about the Polis / PASTA workshop, please contact FBoschetti@polisnetwork.eu