As part of the PASTA project, a series of publications aimed at transport planners, town planners, health practitioners and researchers are being produce, including:

  • a compendium of good practice & policy briefs (coming soon)
  • journal articles
  • factsheets summarising PASTA findings 
  • results summary (coming soon)

Further research, presentations and reports have also been collected over the course of the project and are available below.

Handbook of good practice & policy briefs


CASE STUDIES & POLICY BRIEFS: Good practice examples from cities across Europe which promote active mobility as part of transport infrastructure will be compiled into one handy compendium. Policy briefs from each case study city and an EU level brief will also feature in the compendium.

Available here.

Results infographic

RESULTS INFOGRAPHIC: Results collected over the duration of the project have been synthesised into PASTA factsheets. A summary of the project's outputs will be put together and made available online at the end of the project.

>> Access the results infographic here (low res. for online viewing). High res. for download only is available here

PASTA Journal Articles

RESULTS: Over the course of the project research partners have published a number of journal articles. These can also be found on Research Gate.

Factsheets & results summary series

IN BRIEF: A summary series highlighting the findings from the PASTA project reports and the opportunities for promoting active mobility in the PASTA case study cities.

Journal articles on active mobility and health

FURTHER READING: Below are research articles on transport and health.

Case studies

IN PRACTICE: The Eltis portal on urban mobility provides a range of case studies on walking and cycling initiatives from across Europe and beyond.


Reports on active mobility and health

FURTHER READING: Below are a series of reports linking transport and health.

HEAT training

for a practical health economic assessment tool (HEAT) to quantifiably show  the health effects (a) from cycling and (b) from walking. Developed by the WHO, this tool was updated using findings from the PASTA project.



IN PICTURES: A collection of infographics on cycling and the relative health impacts.

For more information, click here